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Fall Menswear 2012: Alexander McQueen, Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo and extra.

Alexander McQueen
Knee-breeches are the best. I have been wearing them, or variants thereof, for some time now, and eagerly await the moment when Tudor pantaloons come back into style. (I can dream, Ok?) So it is time as soon as once more for me to be smug about spotting an upcoming trend in advance, and/or utilizing my pattern-recognition abilities to twist actuality to fit with my desired worldview.

This season's McQueen menswear would not reach the lofty heights of the label's recent womenswear collections -- what could? -- but it's buoyed up by a stunning amount of character for what's essentially another riff on the classic swimsuit. And although McQueen selected to go for a photoshoot rather than a runway show this season, the modeling decisions are interesting in themselves -- no sometimes lanky, beanpole-like male models right here, plus some of the poses trace in direction of not androgyny (that staple of all high-end trend) however a certain femininity.

I significantly just like the outfit beneath since it's kind of a typical metropolis banker go well with, except breeches as a substitute of trousers. It illustrates how simple it might be to transition from a typical trouser to this -- although I am aware that many people will still suppose it seems dumb.

Bottega Veneta

Trussardi gets a [dis]honourable mention right here since their show was, to me, so comedically unappealing. The theme appeared to be "skeezy Starsky & Hutch villain", to which inspiration they brought such marvels as this:

He is stolen your baby and it is in his bag right now.

And this douchebag, whose outfit isn't actually so dangerous (although it does look like an action-comedy costume, due to the color-scheme), however who appears to be carrying a... bottle... of urine...?

No, significantly, I don't know.

Salvatore ferragamo belt outlet Shoes Outlet - web page,
ferragamo belt outlet, together with Ermenegildo Zegna, is considered one of the finest designers of razor-sharp but finally boring menswear. Unbelievable to have a look at, and reeking of type, however not precisely groundbreaking or imaginative. The way in which I judged this specific show was, "Would Magneto put on this?" since the mixture of darkish, slim jackets, turtleneck sweaters and purple made me consider Michael Fassbender's wardrobe in X-Males: First Class.

In the next picture, I like to imagine that the pouch on his belt is for snacks. @zanzando recommended on Twitter that he'd use it to transport steel balls for weaponry emergencies, however in my opinion Magneto would not need a bag for that, so snacks it's. Cookies, baked incompetently by Charles Xavier because they are buddies and the sequel to X-Men: First Class is totally going to be all about them running a mutant faculty together. Proper? Proper.

Moncler Gamme Bleu
One other 12 months, one other marvel. Final season it was fencing; this 12 months its Method 1 drivers. This present wasn't fairly up to the level of Spring's opaque masks or faux physique-armour with random straps throughout it, however a valient effort was made nonetheless.

Moncler Gamme Bleu is a kind of Zoolander-esque designers whose buyer base I can by no means quite divine. Evidently they must be doing effectively since they handle to carry on creating such bizarre and niche designs -- proven on the runway at Fashion Week, no much less -- during this financial climate, however how? Who wears it? Perhaps it appears much less baffling when you're solely wearing one item instead of the entire outfit of padded pink nylon?

However why is he carrying a blanket?

Prada did well this season, gimmick-smart, by hiring a mixture of male models and familiar faces for his or her show. The clothes were underwhelming in my opinion, however the gimmick labored as a result of: Gary Oldman. Gary Oldman! He is motive enough, my pals. Also on the catwalk had been Jamie Bell (who tweeted an adorable fanboy message about meeting G. Oldman, I observed.), Willem Dafoe and Adrien Brodie.

This jacket is just too tight.

Miuccia Prada was evident in the main points, such as the colourful designs on the accessories, but other than that the collection was largely old-fashioned yet decidedly run-of-the-mill coats and suits. The shoes, socks, and sunglasses were the primary highlight, for me.

My essential motive for together with this next guy is because I appreciated his title a lot: Bernd Sassmannscausen. Plus his facial expression, which suggests that he is about to Voldemort all over the place.

Gary Oldman!

Jamie Bell's outfit confused me a little bit, because the waistcoat blended so intently into the shirt and show each sign of being tucked into his trousers. It makes his torso look oddly bandaged, and bulkier than anticipated.

The fit of the fits in Gucci ran extraordinarily slim this season. So slim, in truth, that the trousers all needed to have zips on the ankles. However the main target was on fabric decisions, from gaudy velvet flocking to iridescent geometric patterns to murky, virtually blurred floral prints. I am unsure if it was successful typically, though, especially if worn in a non-trend context.