Baked Potatoes with Chili

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Baked potatoes With chili

Wash Potato; Don't Dry. Pierce Once in Center With Fork; Wrap Potato in Paper Towel by Putting Potato in One Corner of Towel And Rolling in Toward The Opposite Corner. Tuck Ends Underneath Microwave on High For 6 to 7 Minutes or Until Potato is Soft When Pressed. Set Aside, Covered. Put chili in Small Bowl; Cover With Paper Towels. Heat on High For 2 to 3 Minutes Until Hot. Unwrap Potato; Put on Paper Plate. Cut Potato in Half Lengthwise; Spoon on Hot chili Mixture; Sprinkle With Cheese. Microwave on High For 1 to 2 Minutes Until Cheese Starts to Melt. Serve Hot. Makes 1 to 2 Servings.

Source:my Old Recipes