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By Clare Lawrence 15th August 2004

How can I do well on Google? I get asked this question tour du lịch đài loan a lot. Google has grown hugely over recent years and now accounts for smoothing like 55% of all web searches.

Google is too important a search engine to ignore, but what�s required to get to the top?

Well a starting point is to read Google�s guidance to webmasters: website

Hopefully this sets the scene, Google is fighting a war against spammers. It wants sites that contain good relevant content. Google also [�bersetzung?q=searches&l=deen&in=&lf=en searches] to penalise sites that use spammer techniques to get ahead.

So� if you want to do well, you need a long-term plan.

First create pages that are relevant and content rich.

Second link to authority sites in your theme, tour du lịch đài loan this helps tour du lịch đài loan Google to categorise your site.

Thirdly, submit to DMOZ, Google uses this directory to power its own and their combined content to assist categorisation ?

Consider submitting to Yahoo, which has a similar effect, though its price of $299 may not be worthwhile unless you are an e-commerce site.

Then lastly, find �on theme� sites and persuade them to link to your site. Ideally using your key phrases in the text.

e.g. Domain name registration � linking through to my domain site Discount Domains Ltd.

There are about 100 factors in the Google algorithm , but the above aspects are most important at the time of writing.

I wish you luck.