Greeting Cards Are One Of The Best Deals At Trader Joe s

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The actual pile of birthday cards I keep in my desk for coworkers. This is separate from my at-home pile.
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My favorite part of Trader Joe's is the checkout line.

Not because of the Belgian chocolate bars or sea-salt brownies that line the aisle (although, I'm not objecting), but because the checkout line is home to one of the best deals at Trader Joe's: the greeting cards.

They range from whale cards for birthdays ("Have a sea-riously awesome birthday!") to colorful cards for congratulations ("Here's to you!") to engagement, new baby, and sympathy cards. If you have an occasion, Trader Joe's has a card for it.

That in itself isn't remarkable. What is remarkable is that they're 99 cents. I don't know if you've popped into the card aisle at CVS recently (and I love
CVS — more on that another time) or, worse, into a lovely high-end stationery store like Papyrus, but it isn't uncommon to see a $6 price tag on greeting cards. Even at the drugstore, it seems like you can't get anything for under $2. And frankly, the 99-cent cards at the dollar store are usually cloying, boring, or both.

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like they've been in a pile for the past year.