Low-carb Hawaiian BBQ Tuna Burger with Grilled Pineapple

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Pump up the flavor and cut the cholesterol with these healthy grilled tuna burgers that leave you real room for dessert. Fresh pineapple is fantastic in summer; use canned only in emergencies! Then, as with a real burger, add your favorite fixings: lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and more!


Optional Fixings


  1. Cut tuna into 1" cubes.
  2. Place cubes in bowl of food processor in batches and pulse until consistency of ground beef.
  3. If you do not have food processor, chop tuna into very small pieces.
  4. Place tuna in bowl and add cloves of garlic, ginger, soy sauce, scallions, salt and white pepper.
  5. Using your fingers, rake all ingredients together until combined.
  6. Shape tuna mixture into 4 patties.
  7. Refrigerate in Ziploc® storage bag or container until ready to grill.
  8. Peel and slice pineapple into ½" slices and grill on both sides 2 minutes.
  9. Set aside.
  10. Grill patties over medium fire, 3 minutes per side for rare or 6 minutes per side for well done.
  11. Choose your favorite hamburger buns and lightly grill, if desired.
  12. Place grilled tuna patty on bun and top with a slice of grilled pineapple.
  13. Add your favorite hamburger fixings.

Diane's Tip

Make sure you keep tuna (cooked or uncooked) refrigerated at 32°F or colder (the average home refrigerator runs around 40°F); if you don't, bacteria in tuna can produce histamine, the same substance released by your body during an allergic reaction.

Nutritional information

Per serving:

  • 350 cal (35 cal from fat) | 3.5g total fat | 1g sat fat | 75 mg chol | 420 mg sod | 31g total carb | 2g fiber | 8g sugars | 45g protein | 4% vitamin A | 40% vitamin C | 10% calcium | 15% iron