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Po'Boy sandwich

Sandwiches are generally two slices of bread, with other food in between. They are named after the Earl of Sandwich.

When serving sandwiches at a dinner party, they should be triangular, easily held between a finger and thumb, and have all crusts removed. Typical fillings for such sandwiches are smoked salmon, or cucumber. At a sandwich buffet, cocktail sticks are often stuck through the sandwiches, making them easier to lift by partygoers.

There are various slang terms for a sandwich, such as butty and sarnie.

There are many possible fillings for a savoury sandwich, including bacon, turkey, alfalfa sprouts, spinach, pastrami, corned beef, pickles, tongue, fried clams, fried fish, ham, olives, cheese, tuna, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

Sweet sandwiches typically include a combination of peanut butter, honey, or jam.

Sandwich recipes[edit]

Reuben sandwich