Toscanelle olive

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Toscanelle olive

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About Toscanelle olive

The Toscanelle olive is a type of olive which is used in the Toscana cuisine and regional dishes of Italy. Olives are species of small trees in the family oleaceae (which produce oil), with origins in the Mediterranean areas. The sizes, forms and colors of these fruits range from pale green to bluefish-black and from tiny and round to oversized and oval. There are also some rare species of purple olives, with shiny aspects and bitter tastes. The European olives, such as the Toscanelle olives are called olea europaea and they are characterized by a dark grey or green color in a medium size and less oily than the black ones. Basically, olives are fruits, although they have a sour and salty taste.

In Europe and even more, in Italy and Toscana, the olives are part of the traditional pastas and pizzas, where they are used as toppings. Olives are also used for numerous salads of greens, vegetables with cheese and meats and they are also used for decorating special dishes.