Bagia za Dengu

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  1. a mixing bowl, mix chick pea flour and onions.
  2. Add garlic, then parsley and curry powder, mix well.
  3. Add caraway, red pepper, and hot pepper, mix well.
  4. Then add baking powder, mix well again.
  5. Add water a teaspoon at a time, until it becomes a heavy mixture. Almost like a heavy cake mixture.
  6. Leave it to rise for a few minutes.
  7. In medium-high heat; Heat the oil in a pan, for deep frying.
  8. Drop a teaspoon full of the butter mixture in hot oil to deep fry until it turns golden brown color.
  9. Remove from pan, put on paper towel or (chujio la nazi if you are in Tanzania) until it cools down.


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