Banana Crumble

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banana Crumble


Special Equipment:

  • 9x13 Inch Baking Pan.


Preheat Oven to 400 Degrees. Slice bananas in Half Lengthwise.Place The bananas Cut Side Down in The Prepared Baking Dish. PlaceDry Ingredients Into a Medium-Mixing Bowl. Cut up Cold butter IntoLittle Pieces And Add Them to The Bowl. Work The butter Into TheDry Ingredients Until The Mixture is Crumbly. Then Spread TheCrumble Mixture Over The bananas in an Even Layer, Pressing DownSlightly. Place The Dish in The Oven And Bake Until The CrumbleGets Firm But Not Mushy And Has Turned Golden in Color (10 to 15Minutes). Serve Very Warm.

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contributed by "World Recipes Y-Group" [1]