Chile de arbol

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Chile de arbol

Name Variations

  • arbol chile
  • red chile

About Chile de arbol

Chiles de arbol are narrow, curved chiles that start out green and mature to bright red. The arbol chile is very hot, and related to cayenne pepper. They are available fresh, dried and in powdered form, though most often the dried form is used.

Arbol chiles are dried, bright red fresh chiles, related to the cayenne chile. Literally "tree" chiles, they are very hot. The slender chiles measure about 2½ inches (6 cm) long. To handle arbol chiles: Wear kitchen gloves to prevent any cuts or abrasions on hands from contacting the volatile oils. Wash your hands well with warm, soapy water after handling the chiles, and do not touch your eyes or other sensitive areas.

Arbol means tree in Spanish. The chiles are literally tree-like, and come from a lush plant with thick woody stems. Arbols are closely related to the cayenne chiles. Bright brick-red, elongated and pointed, measuring about 2 to 3 inches long and ¼ to ⅜ inch across. The flesh has a tannic, smoky, and grassy flavor, and searing, acidic heat on the tip of the tongue.

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