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African cuisine[edit]

Central African cuisine[edit]
East African cuisine[edit]
Horn African cuisine[edit]
North African cuisine[edit]
Southern African cuisine[edit]
West African cuisine[edit]

Asian cuisine[edit]

Central Asian cuisine[edit]
East Asian cuisine[edit]
Southeast Asian cuisine[edit]
South Asian cuisine[edit]
West Asian cuisine[edit]

Levantine cuisine[edit]

European cuisine[edit]

Northern European cuisine[edit]
Western European cuisine[edit]
Eastern European cuisine[edit]
Southern European cuisine[edit]

Cuisine of Oceania[edit]

North American cuisine[edit]
Central American cuisine[edit]
South American cuisine[edit]
Caribbean cuisine[edit]

Ethnic and religious cuisines[edit]

History of cuisine[edit]

Historical African cuisines
Historical cuisines of the Americas
Historical cuisines of Asia
Ancient cuisines of Europe