Dessert Wine Torte

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Recipe by SwissArmyWife Wikified by Drimble Wedge



Separate 4 of the eggs and set aside 2T of sugar. Whip the remaining eggs, yolks and zest to the ribbon stage. Fold in almond flour. Whip egg whites with sugar until stiff, fold into main batter. Cook in a 23cm lined tin at 160 oC for 1 hour. When cold split in half.

Mousse filling

  • 3T water
  • 2T gelatin
  • 300ml cream
  • 2T rum
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 125g Caster Sugar
  • 150ml dessert wine

Place water and gelatin into a small bowl, stand 5 mins, then dissolve in a bain marie, cool slightly. Whip cream and run to a soft peak. Put yolks and sugar whisk until pale and creamy. Place into a double boiler and add wine, continue to whisk over the heat until thick and mousse like. Take off the heat and keep whisking until really thick, then put the bowl into an ice bath, keep whisking until cool. Add the gelatin and cream, fold together. Pour mousse over cake base and chill 30 mins, top with cake top and chill overnight.


  • 450ml cream
  • 125g flaked almonds
  • 180g green grapes (frosted if you are keen)
  • Icing sugar

Whip cream and cover the cake, top and sides. Press almonds around the sides and top the cake with a ring of grapes (which can be frosted if you like) dust with icing sugar and mark top with a diamond pattern.