German Buttercreme

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4-6 servings

German Buttercreme



  1. Prepare pudding according to package direction.
  2. Cover (so it will not get that icky skin) and let completely cool down over night.
  3. Do NOT put it in the fridge.
  4. Lay butter next to it, so butter and pudding will have the same temperature later.
  5. On the next day, mix butter with mixer on medium speed until it is fluffy.
  6. Add pudding- one spoon after the other.
  7. Mix constantly.
  8. If pudding is mixed completely with the butter, blend everything well some seconds, so that it is mixed up completely and is free of lumps.
  9. TIP: Please do not use fat reduced products or a cheap pudding- the taste will not as good as with rich ingredients

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