Praline Cookies

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Praline Cookies

Or hazelnuts if Desired

Or bittersweet chocolate

Chopped (opt.)

Or hazelnuts (opt.)

Grease a Large Baking Sheet With The 2 Tablespoons butter or margarine.Set Aside. For Praline: in a Heavy Saucepan Stir Together 1/3 Cup SugarAnd The water. Cook And Stir Over Medium-Hi Heat Till Boiling. Then CookFor 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 minutes. More or Until Syrup is Deep Golden Brown. RemoveFrom Heat. Stir in 1 Cup Nuts. Immediately Pour Onto The Prepared BakingSheet. Cool Completely on a Wire Rack Until Firm. When Firm, TransferPraline to a Heavy Plastic Bag. Using a Rolling Pin, Crush The PralineInto Small Pieces. Set Aside.

For Cookies: in a Large Mixing Bowl Beat The 1 Cup margarine or ButterWith an Electric Mixer on Med. to High Speed About 30 Seconds or UntilSoftened. Add About Half of The flour, All of The brown sugar, 1/2 CupSugar, eggs, vanilla And baking soda. Beat Till Thoroughly Combined,Scraping Sides of Bowl Occasionally. Beat or Stir in Remaining flour. StirIn Crushed Praline. Drop 1/4 Cup of Dough at a Time 4 In. Apart OnUngreased Cookie Sheets. Flatten to 1-In. Thickness And Bake in 350 Deg.Oven For 13 to 15 minutes. or Till Edges Are Lightly Browned. Cool on CookieSheets For 1 Minute. Remove Cookies And Finish Cooling on Wire Racks. IfDesired, Melt chocolate. Cool. Drizzle The Melted chocolate Over CookiesAnd Sprinkle With Chopped pecans or hazelnuts. (these Cookies Are Huge And May be Wrapped Separately in Plastic WrapAnd Twist-Tied, Then Decorated With a Fancy Bow.)


contributed by "World Recipes Y-Group" [1]