Red-skinned potato

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Red Pontiac, also known as Dakota Chief

Name Variations

  • red potato
  • red round potato
  • round red potato

About Red-skinned Potatoes

Red skinned potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables, which are grown for their edible tuber. Red skinned potatoes are mostly available in late summer and early fall and they are characterized by a pink-purple skin and an inner white flesh. Red skinned potatoes also present the immature form, known under the name of new potatoes, which present a sweeter taste and a much thinner skin. This specie of potatoes grows best in cool climates with good irrigation, but also in subtropical lands or highlands of the high West. These potatoes include approximately 75 % water and the rest is made of carbohydrates and mineral salts. Due to their properties, these potatoes are recommended to obese people and diabetes cases, as they are considered to be very digestive and rich.

Due to the fact that the red skinned potatoes have a moist, yet firm and tasteful flesh, they are used in various ways, ranging from boiled for salads, mashed for purees, stewed, roasted and steamed and fried, as French fries.


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