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Ajiaco is a potato soup from Colombia.

The soup is typically served with heavy cream, capers and avocado, all mixed in just before eating in the proportions according to individual preference. Ajiaco is considered a full meal. In the highly regional Colombian cuisine, this is the dish most representative of Bogotá.

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  1. The night before marinate the chicken breasts with garlic, onion and salt.
  2. Put the breasts, add water, cover and cook until the chicken is tender.
  3. Transfer the chicken to a platter.
  4. Remove the skin from the chicken and discard.
  5. Cut the chicken breasts into strips.
  6. Cook the yellow potatoes in the casserole with the chicken stock until they start to disintegrate.
  7. Add the bunch of scallions, the bunch of cilantro, the sliced potatoes, the guasca, and the corn.
  8. When cooked remove the bunch of cilantro and the bunch of scallions.
  9. Serve the chicken on soup bowls and pour the soup into the bowls.
  10. Pour 3 t.
  11. Of cream and 1 t.
  12. Of chopped capers on each bowl.
  13. Float the sliced avocado on top.