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Border Style Quesadilla Recipe

This is a good appetizer and goes well with sour cream. Preheat a frying pan or griddle, seasoned with oil. Drop in a tortilla. You can use either a flour or corn tortilla.

Alternatively, preheat pan and drop in tortilla, lightly buttered on the down side.

Drop on it shredded cheese (typically Monterey Jack cheese), and any of the following:

Cover with another tortilla (or fold the one tortilla in half), cook until the cheese binds the two tortillas together and the outside barely starts to brown, flip it over, fry a little longer.

Slice into strips and serve with any of those optional ingredients on top, or with a dipping sauce, or with sour cream. A mixture of sour cream and lime juice with chopped cilantro also makes an excellent sauce.

Usage Note: Some regions of Mexico the quesadilla is a simple corn tortilla with cheese,non-fried.

Notes, tips, and variations

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