Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp and Vegetables

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angel hair pasta With Shrimp And Vegetables

Tender Snow Peas And Jumbo Shrimp Combine With angel hair pasta in aRich Creamy Parmesan Sauce. Serve With a Fresh Green Salad And aRustic-Style bread to Complete The meal.

Prepare Pasta According to Package Procedures; Drain.Meanwhile, Bring Lightly Salted water to a Boil in a Large Saucepan.Add Red bell pepper And Snow Peas And Simmer For 2 Minutes. AddShrimp And Poach Until Bright Pink And Just Cooked Through, About 3More Minutes (vegetables Should be Tender-Crisp at This Point).Drain Well And Set Aside.

Melt butter in a Large Saucepan Over Medium Heat; Stir in flour AndCook For a Few Minutes Until Golden. Add milk And Cream; Bring to aGentle Simmer, Continue to Stir Until Thickened. Add ParmesanCheese, parsley, garlic, worcestershire sauce,hot pepper sauce,salt And pepper; Stir Until Blended. Stir in Reserved Vegetables AndShrimp And Heat Thoroughly, About 2 Minutes. Toss With Hot, CookedPasta And Serve Immediately.

Serving Size: 4