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The full list of cuisines can be found here. The C stands for the number of subcategories and the P stands for the number of recipes (pages).

Cuisine(12 C)
African cuisine(6 C)
Central African cuisine(2 C, 54 P)
Cameroonian cuisine(52 P)
Congolese cuisine(50 P)
East African cuisine(5 C, 10 P)
Burundian cuisine(20 P)
Kenyan cuisine(37 P)
Maasai cuisine(empty)
Tanzanian cuisine(42 P)
Ugandan cuisine(32 P)
Eritrean cuisine(19 P)
Ethiopian cuisine(47 P)
Somali cuisine(45 P)
North African cuisine(6 C, 7 P)
Algerian cuisine(19 P)
Egyptian cuisine(88 P)
Libyan cuisine(73 P)
Moroccan cuisine(56 P)
Sudanese cuisine(29 P)
Tunisian cuisine(44 P)
Southern African cuisine(6 C, 10 P)
Botswanan cuisine(5 P)
Malagasy cuisine(11 P)
Mauritian cuisine(1 P)
Namibian cuisine(3 P)
South African cuisine(82 P)
Zimbabwean cuisine(2 P)
West African cuisine(6 C, 13 P)
Burkinabé Cuisine(empty)
Ghanaian cuisine(56 P)
Nigerian cuisine(88 P)
Senegalese cuisine(32 P)
Asian cuisine(4 C, 1 P)
Central Asian cuisine(9 C, 12 P)
Afghan cuisine(21 P)
Kazakh cuisine(48 P)
Kyrgyz cuisine(12 P)
Mongolian cuisine(48 P)
Tajik cuisine(21 P)
Tibetan cuisine(23 P)
Turkmen cuisine(empty)
Uzbek cuisine(50 P)
Xinjiang cuisine(empty)
East Asian cuisine(29 C)
Ainu cuisine(empty)
Anhui cuisine(empty)
Beijing cuisine(empty)
Cantonese cuisine(315 P)
Chiuchow cuisine(empty)
Fujian cuisine(empty)
Guizhou cuisine(empty)
Hakka cuisine(empty)
Hong Kong cuisine(95 P)
Huaiyang cuisine(empty)
Hubei cuisine(empty)
Hunan cuisine(empty)
Japanese cuisine(187 P)
Jiangsu cuisine(empty)
Jiangxi cuisine(empty)
Korean cuisine(122 P)
Liaoning cuisine(empty)
Macanese cuisine(15 P)
Okinawan cuisine(empty)
Shaanxi cuisine(empty)
Shandong cuisine(empty)
Shanghai cuisine(1 P)
Shanxi cuisine(empty)
Sichuan cuisine(empty)
Taiwanese cuisine(51 P)
Yunnan cuisine(empty)
Zhejiang cuisine(empty)
Levantine cuisine(5 C)
Israeli cuisine(47 P)
Jordanian cuisine(35 P)
Lebanese cuisine(40 P)
Palestinian cuisine(empty)
Syrian cuisine(1 P)
West Asian cuisine(10 C)
Assyrian cuisine(empty)
Bahraini cuisine(1 P)
Emirati cuisine(empty)
Iranian cuisine(1 C, 64 P)
Iraqi cuisine(1 C, 31 P)
Kuwaiti cuisine(42 P)
Omani cuisine(81 P)
Qatari cuisine(1 P)
Saudi Arabian cuisine(63 P)
Yemeni cuisine(27 P)
Caribbean cuisine(12 C, 83 P)
Cuban cuisine(54 P)
no subcategories
no subcategories
Cuisine of Curaçao(empty)
no subcategories
no subcategories
Dominican cuisine(50 P)
no subcategories
Grenadian cuisine(1 P)
no subcategories
Guyanese cuisine(49 P)
no subcategories
Haitian cuisine(131 P)
no subcategories
Jamaican cuisine(56 P)
no subcategories
Martinican cuisine(empty)
no subcategories
Puerto Rican cuisine(64 P)
no subcategories
no subcategories
Belizean cuisine(45 P)
no subcategories
Costa Rican cuisine(16 P)
no subcategories
Guatemalan cuisine(36 P)
no subcategories
Honduran cuisine(54 P)
no subcategories
Nicaraguan cuisine(14 P)
no subcategories
Panamanian cuisine(69 P)
no subcategories
Salvadoran cuisine(empty)
no subcategories
Cuisine of Oceania(8 C)
Australian cuisine(6 P)
no subcategories
no subcategories
Fijian cuisine(57 P)
no subcategories
New Zealand cuisine(48 P)
no subcategories
Palauan cuisine(1 P)
no subcategories
no subcategories
Samoan cuisine(11 P)
no subcategories
Tongan cuisine(1 P)
no subcategories
Ainu cuisine(empty)
no subcategories
Arab cuisine(empty)
no subcategories
Berber cuisine(empty)
no subcategories
Buddhist cuisine(13 P)
no subcategories
no subcategories
no subcategories
Jewish cuisine(2 C, 60 P)
Native American cuisine(3 C, 82 P)
Andean cuisine(empty)
Inca cuisine(empty)
Maya cuisine(empty)
Parsi cuisine(empty)
no subcategories
Peranakan cuisine(empty)
no subcategories
European cuisine(4 C, 20 P)
Baltic cuisines(3 C)
Belarusian cuisine(58 P)
Caucasian cuisine(4 C)
Czech cuisine(41 P)
Hungarian cuisine(86 P)
Moldovan cuisine(69 P)
Polish cuisine(1 P)
Romanian cuisine(379 P)
Russian cuisine(1 C, 29 P)
Slovak cuisine(35 P)
Slovenian cuisine(35 P)
Ukrainian cuisine(51 P)
British cuisine(6 C, 34 P)
Austrian cuisine(1 P)
Bavarian cuisine(empty)
Belgian cuisine(52 P)
Dutch cuisine(93 P)
French cuisine(198 P)
German cuisine(77 P)
Luxembourgian cuisine(21 P)
Swiss cuisine(26 P)
History of cuisine(4 C)
Ancient Greek cuisine(empty)
Ancient Roman cuisine(empty)
Medieval cuisine(empty)
Soviet cuisine(empty)
no subcategories
Byzantine cuisine(empty)
Ottoman cuisine(empty)
North American cuisine(3 C, 6,244 P)
American cuisine(6 C, 375 P)
Canadian cuisine(3 C, 77 P)
Cuisine of Quebec(empty)
Cuisine of Toronto(empty)
Mexican cuisine(211 P)
no subcategories
Argentinian cuisine(8 P)
no subcategories
Bolivian cuisine(44 P)
no subcategories
Brazilian cuisine(62 P)
no subcategories
Chilean cuisine(79 P)
no subcategories
Colombian cuisine(52 P)
no subcategories
Ecuadoran cuisine(1 P)
no subcategories
Guianese cuisine(16 P)
no subcategories
Peruvian cuisine(1 C, 54 P)
Uruguayan cuisine(70 P)
no subcategories
Venezuelan cuisine(38 P)
no subcategories
South Asian cuisine(7 C)
Bangladeshi cuisine(empty)
no subcategories
Bhutanese cuisine(42 P)
no subcategories
Indian cuisine(5 C, 372 P)
East Indian cuisine(1 P)
South Indian cuisine(5 C, 38 P)
Maldivian cuisine(53 P)
no subcategories
Nepalese cuisine(empty)
no subcategories
Pakistani cuisine(104 P)
no subcategories
Sri Lankan cuisine(44 P)
no subcategories
Burmese cuisine(46 P)
no subcategories
Cambodian cuisine(54 P)
no subcategories
Filipino cuisine(71 P)
no subcategories
Indonesian cuisine(3 C, 72 P)
Javanese cuisine(empty)
Minangkabau cuisine(empty)
Laotian cuisine(26 P)
no subcategories
Malaysian cuisine(3 C, 51 P)
Ipoh cuisine(empty)
Penang cuisine(empty)
Peranakan cuisine(empty)
Singaporean cuisine(54 P)
no subcategories
Thai cuisine(85 P)
no subcategories
Vietnamese cuisine(75 P)
no subcategories


This category has the following 12 subcategories, out of 12 total.