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  1. Clean chicken with sprite or coke or orange juice.
  2. Cook whole chicken or cut up into serving pieces (seasoned).
  3. Put seasoned chicken, oregano, hot pepper, garlic and apasote leaves in enough water to cover chicken.
  4. (cook until fork tender).
  5. Meanwhile boil eggs and sugur water.
  6. Cool in the sugar water and remove shells.
  7. (set aside).
  8. Make ground pork or steak into trianglar shape.
  9. Drop into pot with chicken or remove egg whites and put ground meat around yolk.
  10. Let simmer.
  11. Soften blackening in water and add to pot.
  12. Stir and taste for seasoning.
  13. Add boiled eggs (cook for 45–55 minutes).
  14. Add whole unwashed tomatoes.
  15. Turn off stove.
  16. Serve with hot corn tortillas.
  17. Have a good meal.