Christmas Cookie Kringle

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  • Contributed by Miles Kimball



Your most blasé guests' taste buds will tingle
when they sample your Christmas Cookie Kringle
Through a strainer the hard-boiled eggs you force,
using the back of a spoon, of course,
then combine with the raw egg yolk
that's how it's done by the German folk.
Work in the sugar, the butter, the shortening and when it's combined,
add the flour, cinnamon, vanilla and all of the rind
now into a ball you roll the dough,
and chill it and roll it to and fro.
When it's ⅛ inch thick you cut it out neat,
use a doughnut cutter and a cookie sheet
now paint each cookie with unbeaten egg white
and sprinkle with pistachios to add to the delight.
At 350°F, 8 – 10 minutes you bake.
And you'll be proud of the kringle you make.