Crayfish and Watermelon Salad

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Recipe by: Tanglefoot Uploaded by Drimble Wedge

Today it’s Crayfish Salad for dinner.

Yes, this sucker (let's call him Borris) was fresh out of the sea, pulled from his rocky hole by my own hand, and only losing his two antenna during the fight. Weighing in at 1kg this little darling is worth $80 in the retail market.

Now Borris took quite a liking to my drink (Cider today) that I had just poured. I would soon teach him a lesson about messing with another man's drink.


The Pot of Doom was being prepared...


While the boiling chamber heated up I finalised all the ingredients needed for the rest of the meal.


As the tea towel says “It's all about the back yard” Borris kind of came from my back yard. Next it was the turn of the Kumara and potato.


Once the Kumara was skinned and chopped along with the potato it looked like this…

And on the stove they go (in a pot of salted water)


Take the watermelon and chop the shit out of it



Don’t forget to dispose of the waste


Do the same with the cheese…No not dispose of it, chop it up.


Now the Pot of Doom was boiling it was time to introduce Borris to his new home.


As you can see, the potatoes are par cooked and ready for frying. Meanwhile Borris needs to be put on a bigger flame


After 7 mins Borris is dead and ready for cooling so that he does not continue to cook inside his exoskeleton.


Once cooled with much running water it is dissection time

At about this time Borris fights back with a lasting blow to my thumb.

I know that it’s not life threatening, but still, for a very dead sea creature Borris can still hurt. The dissection continued with the help of a rolling pin to crack the legs.

And now Borris is laid to rest on a bed of baby spinach tossed with the feta cheese and watermelon. By this time the potatoes are browned and fantastic.


There is just enough time to whip up a dressing of verjuice, Lime Juice, olive oil, salt and pepper


And also cook some fish for my daughter who does not want to eat crayfish.


Set the table…


Throw some stuff on a plate and enjoy.