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Moroccan biscuits - yum! This treat is straight from Africa.



Soak 50g yeast in sugary water for 30 minutes and then mix in with half of the flour. Add some water when it takes on a dough-like appearence. Continue to knead it then cover it and let it rise for 2 hours.

When it has risen, mix it with the remainder of the flour and yeast along with the melted butter, Sugar, orange blossom water and salt. Knead it again until it becomes softer and then add the sesame seeds. Knead it again.

Make portions of dough into stick-like shapes and then cover the dough again for 2 hours to rise. This time, after it has risen, let air into the dough using a fork on each piece and then cook it for 30 minutes in a medium-heated oven. Remove when they go a golden brown color.

You can either serve them as they are or cut them up further.

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