Ground lamb

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Ground lamb is simply lamb that has been ground or finely chopped.

Ground lamb may be purchased from the butcher or food store or it can be prepared at home. You can purchase whole lamb cuts of your choice and grind it yourself, however the lamb should not be ground until you are ready to use it because ground meat deteriorates in quality rather quickly. Before the meat is ground, the fat and tendons should be removed. Chopping or grinding fresh lamb cuts is made easy with a food processor. Use the following steps for grinding lamb with this convenient tool: Cut the lamb into cubes before placing it into the food processor. The food processor should be pulsed on and off, which prevents the lamb cubes from becoming over-processed. Don't allow the food processor to operate continuously. The meat should be stirred after several pulses to provide an even grind. Usually made from shank and neck meat, as well as other trimmings, ground lamb may contain considerable fat. You can reduce the fat content by buying a shoulder cut and asking the butcher to trim and grind it. Use ground lamb as you would ground beef.

Ground lamb Recipes