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About Huckleberry Potato

The huckleberry potato comes from the large solanum family of potatoes and it is considered to be a tuberosum specie. The huckleberry potato has this name from its inside pink color, which resembles the wild northern type of potatoes. Its bloom color is pink and its mature color is red and it constantly has a smooth skin texture and an oval tuber. The tubers are mostly large in size and heavy and both of the young and the mature ones are eaten, although the younger ones have sweeter tastes. The huckleberry potato is an annual vegetable and its growing is benefic if there is full sun exposure and highly hydrated field.

The huckleberry potatoes are used mostly baked, as they have a tasty and soft flesh after baking it. The recipes that include huckleberry potatoes are mostly baked and spiced potatoes, vegetable salads and fries. Due to its length and heaviness, the huckleberry potato chips are more consistent, although they lose part of their specific pink color while frying them.

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