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About Maple syrup

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Maple syrup is a sweetener made fby boiling the sap from a maple tree until the water has evaporated and the sugars have condensed into a thickened, syrup form. It is most often eaten with pancakes or waffles, but can also be used as an ingredient in baking or in preparing desserts.

Artificial maple syrup

If it is artificially made it is manufactured with corn syrup, maple sugar flavoring and coloring. Either natural or imitation, the thickened syrup is made into a sauce ranging in appearance from light to dark amber color with a rich, sweet flavor.

Vegan concerns

Beware Although most manufacturers today use vegetable oil or synthetic defoamers when producing maple syrup, some small manufacturers still use lard. To reduce the foam in syrup, they hang pork fat over the tub of syrup and let the fat drip in. While the amount of lard is minute, it’s still in there.

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