Quick Hummus

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Garbanzo bean dip



  1. Strain the garbanzo beans, reserving the liquid.
  2. Put the garbanzo beans and all of the other ingredients in a blender.
  3. Blend on high for about 20 seconds.
  4. Turn off the blender and stir the mixture with a spoon.
  5. Add from the reserved liquid, 1 spoon at a time, just enough to get the mixture to run smoothly in the blender (you will not need to add all of the liquid)
  6. Run the blender for about 20 seconds after each addition of liquid. The final product should be thick, not runny.
  7. Spoon into a bowl or plate. Drizzle with more olive oil if desired.
  8. Serve with grilled meats or spread in sandwiches.
  9. For a light dinner, serve along-side a plate of finely chopped tossed salad.
  10. Eat with pita or other soft flat bread, using the bread to grab the hummus dip and salad (without the use of spoon or fork).