Quick Indian Curry with Coconut Quinoa

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  • 1. Measure 2 Cups Warm water And Add saffron Threads. Let Soak For Now.
  • 2. Meanwhile, Cut up All The Vegetables.
  • 3. Put The quinoa, Garbanzo beans, Raisins, coconut Extract, AndSaffron water Into The Bottom of Your Pressure Cooker And Then Place aVegetable Steaming Rack Above This (the Kind That Open up Like a Flower).
  • 4. Put The Vegetables in The Steaming Rack, Starting With TheSquash And sweet potato, Then The pepper, Eggplant And beans.
  • 5. oil The Gasket, Close And Lock The Pressure Cooker, And Set HeatTo Medium-High. When High Pressure Has Been Reached, Cook For 5 to 6Minutes. Depressurize With a Quick-Release Method.
  • 6. Meanwhile, in a Medium Saucepan, Melt Your Buttery Substance,And Saute cumin Seeds Until Fragrant, 2 or 3 Minutes.
  • 7. Add onions And Saute Until Soft But Not Browned.
  • 8. Add evaporated milk And Remaining Spices And Simmer UntilSlightly Thickened, Ten Minutes or So.
  • 9. Move The Vegetables From The Rack to a Large Serving Bowl AndPour The curry Sauce Over Them, Tossing to Coat.
  • 10. Remove The Rack From The Pressure Cooker And Fluff quinoa. if ItIs Too Watery, Resume Heating Until Desired Consistency.
  • 11. Serve curry Spooned Over quinoa in Bowls And Enjoy With Naan OrPitas.