Stuffed Peppers

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Makes 6 Servings


salt And pepper to Taste ' 20-Ounce Can spaghetti Sauce


In a Skillet, Brown The Ground Beef And Saut? The onions, cilantro,And garlic. Add rice And lemon juice. Stir in Just Enough TomatoSauce to Make a Moist Mixture. salt And pepper to Taste. Using aSharp Knife, Slice Off The Tops of peppers And tomatoes. Scoop Out TheSeeds And Inner Fleshy Parts of The tomatoes. Scoop The Rice/BeefMixture Into The Hollows of Each pepper And tomato, Mounding High OverThe Tops. Set on Rack in Cooker (or For Easier Removal, Place InSteamer Tray). Add Minimum Amount of water Required by Your Cooker,Or Enough water to Just Reach Top of Rack or Trivet. Lock The Lid AndBring to Full Pressure. Lower Heat, Maintaining Pressure, And CookFor 5 Minutes. Remove From Heat. Cool Naturally For 5 Minutes, ThenQuick-Release Any Remaining Pressure. Remove peppers And TomatoesUsing 2 Serving Spoons.

To Serve, Ladle Heated spaghetti Sauce on a Plate And Set tomato OrPepper in It. Serve Additional Sauce Over The Top, as Desired.

Cook's Note: if Your Cooker is Too Small to Cook All The StuffedVegetables at Once, Cook Them in Batches. if peppers or TomatoesThreaten to Topple, Place a Heat-Proof Plate on Top of Them to KeepThem Upright During Cooking. Heat And Serve Any Remaining Beef/RiceMixture With spaghetti Sauce, or Freeze For Another meal.