Stuffed Tomatoes and Peppers

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salt And pepper, to Taste

For The rice Mixture Filling: in Bowl, Rinse rice And Ground BeefTogether Under water. Stir in Chopped parsley, salt, pepper, LemonJuice And tomato Taste. Stuff peppers And tomatoes With rice Mixture.


For The Sauce: Wisk Together garlic, salt, pepper, mint And water.


Using a Sharp Knife, Slice Off The Tops of peppers AndTomatoes. Scoop Out The Seeds And Inner Fleshy Parts of The tomatoes.Add rice Mixture Filling.

Place Baby carrots Evenly on Bottom of Pressure Cooker. PlacedStuffed tomatoes And peppers on Top of The carrots. Pour Sauce OverTomatoes And peppers. Add a Plate on Top as Extra Weight to KeepStuffed tomatoes From Floating. Close Lid, Bring to High Pressure ThenLower Heat on Stove And Cook For 5 Minutes. Release Pressure UsingCold-water Release Method or Automatic Pressure Release (if Available)According to Manufacturer's Procedures. Open Lid, Remove to ServingPlatter And Serve With Pita bread And .