Traditional Swiss Raclette Recipe

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Classic or traditional raclette is a simple meal that can be enjoyed by all. Invite family and friends to discover the unique taste of Switzerland.


Side dishes


  1. Wash the potatoes and boil them in their skin until cooked. Place the potatoes, cheese and all side dishes on the table. Place a slice of cheese into raclette dish and place under the grill to melt. When the cheese has melted scrape onto potatoes, gherkins and pickled onions. Grind fresh pepper on top and enjoy with a dried meats and baguette. Serves 8 Enjoy with a light white wine such as Swiss Neufchatel Blanc or California Fumé Blanc.


  1. Other cheeses such as Tilsit, Grey Alp Cheese, Appenzeller and Emmental can also be used.