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Name variations

  • Unbleached white flour

About Unbleached flour

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A variety of highly refined flour with the bran and the germ removed, but without chemical bleaching, thus eliminating the majority of nutrients in the flour. What remains after being refined is the inner portion of the wheat kernel known as the endosperm. Therefore, it is commonly combined with whole wheat flour to improve the nutrition in the food product. It is a highly versatile flour used often for breads, cakes, cookies, pastries, and other baked goods.

American bakers have attempted to respond to these criticisms with some modifications to their basic recipes and with the proliferation of a group of "specialty" bread products; many of these are essentially white bread with a few additives. Most commercial "whole-wheat" or "brown" bread produced in the U.S. is primarily composed of bleached white flour with the addition of enough brown flour to be brown in appearance. Bolted or "unbleached" flour has about 20% of its natural bran.

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