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Wehani Rice

About Wehani rice

Wehani is sweet-smelling rice that is related to basmati rice. Uncooked, it’s a light clay colored brown rice. When cooked, it splits laterally and resembles wild rice, and has a popcorn-like fragrance. Considered aromatic rice, Wehani is a light clay-colored brown rice that resembles cooked wild rice. Wehani rice is an impressive fragrant mahogany long grain with a savory musky nut-like flavor with great versatility and the ability to carry nearly any flavor profile well. Its goes excellent in stuffing, salads, side dishes, entrées, pilafs and some desserts.

This rice can be eaten as a dessert, topped with sweet coconut milk, and adds a special flavor and color to any dish. It is grown in California, in special farms and its red color creates many new savory dishes. To store this rice is necessary a cool, dry area in a sealed glass or plastic container, away from the open air and moisture. The complete contour and rosy color make it a magnificent option for meals show casing rice. It goes extraordinarily well with steamed vegetables, grilled fish and light meats. You can combine red rice with white rice in order to obtain a textural dish and a visual importance.

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