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Yellow onion

About Yellow onion

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Yellow Onion is a variety of dry onion with a strong flavor. White inside, its layers of papery skin have a yellow-brown color.

It was first originated in the land of Ireland and has a rich onion taste and is fit for food dishes like French onion soup. Yellow onions are typically available throughout the year. This onion is higher in sulfur than the white onion, which gives it a stronger, more complex flavor.

A dozen varieties of yellow onion are grown, following the time of year. They vary in nutritional content.

A type of dry onion that has a strong onion flavor and is characterized by its layers of papery skin, which has a yellow-brown color. Of all onion varieties, 80% of production is devoted to the yellow onion. It provides a rich onion taste, making it a good choice for food dishes requiring a distinctive onion flavor, such as French onion soup. When sautéed, it will turn a deep dark brown color and can be added as a complement to a variety of food dishes or meats.

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