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* [[cilantro]] sprigs or [[celery leaves]] for garnish - As needed
* [[cilantro]] sprigs or [[celery leaves]] for garnish - As needed
== Directions ==
== Procedures ==

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To make dressing, mix lemon juice and garlic; stir in Mayonnaise and olive oil; reserve.

Combine Potato, celery, and Onion; fold in reserved dressing.

Just Before Service

Dice California avocados; gently fold avocado and cilantro into salad mixture.

Per Order

Garnish 1/2 cup serving with cilantro sprig or celery leaves.

Keeping Genuine California avocados in Top Form:

To preserve the color of fresh California avocados up to six hours, spray, brush or dip exposed surfaces with lemon juice (adds slight acidity) or milk (neutral flavor). Completely cover with plastic wrap or foil before refrigerating.

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