Roasted Marshmallow and Cadbury Mini Eggs

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This Roasted Marshmallow and Cadbury Mini Eggs recipe was invented in Winnipeg, Manitoba on September 11, 2015 by Keith and James Meyer.

Preparing to roast a Marshmallow



  1. Roast large marshmallow over an open fire to a medium brown as you typically would
    Roasting a marshmallow
  2. Take a single Cadbury Mini Egg and gently push it into the top of the roasted marshmallow so that about 2/3rds of it is now inside the marshmallow. Note: the marshmallow will still be hot so make sure not to touch it with your fingers as you put the Mini Egg inside it.
    Inserting Mini Egg in a roasted Marshmallow
  3. If desired the finished Roasted Marshmallow Mini Egg can be placed into a Smore
Finished Marshmallow Mini Egg
Roasted Marshmallow Mini Egg Smore