Black Cats Catfood Cake

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Black Cats Catfood Cake


mint chocolate Ice cream

chocolate morsels

vanilla flavoring


Gummy Bears


Black Icing

orange Icing

Take The Bowl And Put The Ingredients In, Except For The 2 eggs And The vanilla flavoring. Put a Regular Bowl of Ice cream In. Stir it in The Bowl With The Tablespoon. Then Mix it With The Mixer. With The Teaspoon, Put 1 Teaspoon of vanilla flavoring in And Pour it in With The Mixer. Then Take The 2 eggs And Open The Shell And Put The eggs In. Then When All The Lumps Are Out, Stop The Mixer And Put The Mix in The Cat Pan. Then Set The Stove For Medium. Then Wait For an Hour And Take The Cake Out. Wait Until it Cools For a While. Then When it Cools, Put The Black Icing on The Cake, And Make The Eyes orange, And The Nose orange.

I Got This From my Step-Son, Rodney. Have Fun.