Buttery Fig Bars

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Buttery fig Bars

Chopped fig Mixture

  • 1. Wash Fully Ripe figs; Cut Off Stems And BlossomEnds Coarsely Chop; Should be 3 1/2 Cups. Combine WithLemon Juice And sugar. Cook Over Medium Heat, StirringOften, Until Thick And Reduced to 2 Cups. as MixtureThickens Reduce Heat to Prevent Scorching; Let Cool.

(mixture Will be Crumbly). Press Half of Mixture

Evenly in Bottom of a Greased 9 x 13 Inch Baking Pan.Spread fig Mixture Over Crust. Top With Remaining OatMixture; Pat Lightly. Bake at 400 Degrees For 20-25Minutes, or Until Light Brown. Cool in Pan on Rack.While Still Warm Cut Into Bars. Makes 2 1/2 Dozen.



contributed by "World Recipes Y-Group" [1]