California Avocado-Citrus Tamales With Roasted Pepper and Chipotle Pesto

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Place prepared masa in a bowl.

Add Cayenne, tangerine zest and pine nuts. Mix well.

Spread masa mixture over the center of each soaked corn husk.

Place an avocado slice in the center of the masa in each and fold the sides around and then the bottom up. When finished with all 8 tamales, steam over boiling water, covered, for one hour.

Remove husks before serving.

For Roasted red pepper and Chipotle Pesto, combine ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth but still textured. Warm gently before serving.

To serve tamales, spread pesto over bottom half of each plate.

Tie one end of a corn husk with a thin strip of husk to form a fan shape.

Place a fan on each plate with tied end in center.

Place one whole tamale on the husk and half a tamale on either side.

Slice avocados and arrange slices in fan shapes over sauce.

Garnish with tangerine zest and red pepper.

Note: Prepared masa is sold at Mexican markets and some grocery stores.

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