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About Caribe potato

The caribe potato is a medium-sized potato, which has stems splashed with purple on lower parts. Its leaves are close, in a grey-green color, with purple traces. The terminal leaves present a slightly curved base and they are in an elliptical shape. The secondary leaflets range from 5 to 15 and they are sessile. The specific caribe potato flowers present a pale purple-blue color, with blue buds and the sprouts are also purple and in conical shape. The tubers of the caribe potato are thick, oblong, with smooth red-purple skin on a stippled red background and present deep eyes in darker colors.

The caribe potatoes are used for various recipes and they are prepared in many ways. The most frequent preparation methods for the caribe potatoes are the boiling and the frying. After boiling, these tubers are used for various salads with other greens and vegetables. Still, the best way for preparing the bintje tubers is by frying them, as they have a similar taste to regular mature potatoes. French frying the caribe potatoes is one of the most popular choices, as these tubers make great chips, as they have a tasty snow-white flesh.

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