Carrots cooked kinpira style

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| Cuisine of Japan

Kinpira is a Japanese cooking term that roughly translates to sauté and simmer. The aim is to cook root vegetables such as carrots and burdock root in a minimum amount of water so that they end up tenderly cooked and with none of their flavour or nutritional value lost into discarded cooking water.



  1. cut the carrots into thin matchstick pieces (sen-giri, or julienne)
  2. pour a small amount of oil into a saucepan and sauté the carrot pieces for two to three minutes
  3. add only enough water to half-cover the carrot pieces
  4. place the lid on the pot and let the carrots simmer on medium-low heat
  5. towards the end of the cooking process when most of the cooking liquid has been absorbed, add a little tamari or shoyu to enhance flavour