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About Catarina chile

The catarina chile is a piece of chile, related to the cascabel chile group. The 2 species have in common the rattling seeds and the interesting appearance, plus their Mexican origins. The catarina chile is a small sized chile type, as it grows till 2 inches long. This chile has a tear-drop shape, easy to recognize and easy to cook and prepare.

Among the most famous recipes that include the catarina chile are spicy tortilla roll-ups, made with green chilies and hot pepper sauce, made of fresh mora peppers and the grilled chicken quesadillas (with catarina chili peppers, olives, cheese and adobo seasoning and cut in bite sized pieces). Besides these, there are the tacos and quesadillas and salads based on veggies and greens (tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, corn, beans and black beans), but only served with the traditional salsas or dips, which are always made of hot chiles and peppers, like the catarina chile. Besides these, the catarina chiles are used in various Spanish soups, which also contain the traditional red beans.

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