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About Chilcostle chile

Chiles are green immature vegetables, which transformed their color into red, when they reach the maturity age. that is why, all the green peppers and chiles are unripe red ones and that is why their taste is not as hot as the one of the red chiles, which have stronger seeds and higher heat levels. There are many types of the costeno chiles: the costeno guajillo, the costeno amarillo chile and the simply named costeno chile The chilcoste chile is a hot kind of chiles, characterized by a long and thin appearance and a dark red color. The chilcoste chile is known under the scientific name capiscum annum and it is related with the costeno chiles, which are also in red colors and drier textures. the flavor of the chicoste chile is similar to a mixture of chocolate and heated spice.

This type of chile is mostly used in the traditional Spanish sausages, but it is also eaten whole and fresh, with various steaks of pork, beef, veal and poultry or thick meat soups.

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