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Chilhuacle negro chile

About Chilhuacle negro chile

The chilhuacle chile is found in various species. Among these, the most important and representative ones are the ones which represent the basic colors red and white and the amarillo chile. The chiluacle rojo is from the regions of Oaxaca and Chiapas and they have a dark-red color. The pods of the red chilhuacle are medium in size and their heat is medium, as well. The chilhuacle amarillo comes from the same Mexican regions, but it is much shorter than the red chile and its color is tapering to a point. The chilhuacle negro chile, also called capiscum annuum is a black pepper with purple or velvet shades. This sort of chile is very rare, even if it is found in the same regions like its related chiles. Its size is much smaller, as it looks like a miniature bell pepper.

The chilhuacle negro chile is used both fresh and dried, as flakes, but its black appearance is mainly the most interesting aspect, as its flavor is not so intense.

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