Chilled Cucumber and Yoghurt Soup with Prawns

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My favourite soup on a hot summers day-I just love this. The prep time doesn't include chilling which I think takes about 6 hours.

File:Chilled Cucumber & Yoghurt Soup with Prawns.jpg
Chilled Cucumber & Yoghurt Soup with Prawns



Peel and deseed cucmbers-cut 2 into dice, and blend with the yoghurt, stock, sour cream, Tabasco and mint.
Chill until very cold.
Peel and deseed the remaining 1/2 cucmber and cut into small thin matchsticks.
Before serving, saute prawns in the oil until they turn pink.
Sprinkle with the salt and serve them in the chilled soup immediately.
Serve the soup garnished with the strips of cucumber.

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