Clotted cream

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Clotted cream

Name Variations

  • Devonshire cream
  • Devon cream
  • Onshire cheese

About Clotted cream

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Clotted cream is a treacle-thick yellow cream made by heating and then leaving unpasteurized cow's milk in shallow pans, for several hours, it is very similar to the Indian Malai. During this time, the cream content rises to the surface into 'clots'. Purists prefer the cows to come from the counties of Devon or Cornwall in England; true Cornish clotted cream must be made from unpasteurised milk or the clots will not form. Clotted cream is a required ingredient for a cream tea (also known as Devonshire tea). It has a minimum fat content of 55%.

A reasonable facsimile may be made by combining two parts whole milk with one part whipping (heavy) cream, heating at the very lowest possible heat for a couple of hours until a skin forms, leaving it undisturbed overnight, and then harvesting the skin and its underclots—one may do whatever one likes with the remaining milk.

In the European Union, Cornish clotted cream is a protected designation of origin for cream produced by the traditional recipe in Cornwall. In the United States, clotted cream is usually sold in specialty stores with the label 'Devon Double Cream', regardless of the country of origin.

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