Coconut Rice with Red Beans

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  1. Boil the four cups of water with the coconut.
  2. After two minutes set aside to strain.
  3. When it has cooled, squeeze firmly to extract as much milk as possible.
  4. Reserve the milk and combine it with the coconut water if there is any.
  5. Saute the bacon, green pepper, onion and the hot pepper in the pot where you plan to cook the rice.
  6. Add tomato and kidney beans with liquid and simmer for about ten minutes.
  7. Remove the bit of hot pepper and add the coconut milk, sugar and salt.
  8. Cover and wait for it to come to a boil.
  9. While waiting, rinse and drain the uncooked rice thoroughly and add to the boiling milk.
  10. Cook uncovered for a minute or two and then cover and cook to a very low flame until the grains are cooked to taste.
  11. Serve.