Cookies & Milk

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Cookies & Milk
Category: Dessert recipes
Servings: 1
Time: <5 minutes
Difficulty: Very Easy
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Cookies & Milk is a common snack in Canada, especially Ontario. Many versions are made, varying from the most basic, simply dipping a cookie in milk, to our recipe for one of the more complicated and messy versions.


  • Cookies - preferably chocolate chip, but others can be used
  • Milk - any will do
  • A glass - diameter must be equal to or larger than that of the cookies


  1. Drop the cookies into the glass, filling it up to roughly 3/4 of the glass. You can fill it more if you desire, but usually about 4 - 6 cookies is good.
  2. Fill the cookie-filled glass with milk until the milk covers the top cookie.
  3. Wait a couple of minutes for the cookies to absorb the milk and become soft. You can decide how soft you want them
  4. Drink milk and cookies from glass.


  • Use chocolate milk for a more chocolatey taste
  • Use oatmeal cookies if you want a healthier snack
  • For those who suffer from a lactose intolerance or other milk allergy, soy milk can be used as an alternative, less strong option.
  • For those on a severe diet, water can be used as a substitute for milk. The cookies will become soggy and disintegrate into a rather vile, soup-like substance. You may want to treat yourself to full-cream milk with the cookies and skip your evening meal instead.
  • For those living in remote areas of Australia with water restrictions, air can be substituted for water. This also eliminates the need for a glass; simply dip the cookie directly into your mouth. Note, this will effect the sogginess of the cookie. Flood ravaged areas of Queensland may like to disregard this point and continue with milk as previously mentioned, unless road cuts have hindered milk supplies.