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Name Variations

  • borlotti bean
  • saluggia
  • shell bean
  • salugia bean
  • crab eye bean
  • rosecoco bean
  • Roman bean
  • fagiolo romano

About Cranberry bean

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An Italian variety of medium-sized beans, are kidney shaped with pink or beige skins speckled in burgundy. They are available dried and precooked in cans. If borlotti beans are unavailable, pink kidney beans or pinto beans can be substituted. Dried beans require soaking to rehydrate them.

A large, plump bean, pinkish brown in co lour with reddish brown streaks; rarely found fresh in this country but readily available dried, it is widely used in Italian cooking.

The American Cranberry bean or Horticultural bean is quite similar if not the same as the Italian borlotti bean. The pinto beans are not considered the same as borlotti beans.

  • True Cranberry (old VT heirloom with a more round shape like a cranberry), traditional ingredient of Succotash

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