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Cranberry juice

About Cranberry juice[edit]

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Cranberry juice, usually sweetened to reduce its natural severe tartness and make "cranberry juice cocktail" or blended with other fruit juices, is a major use of cranberries.

There is some use of cranberry juice by people with spinal paralysis; regular consumption of the juice is supposed to reduce the rate of urinary tract infections. While much of the evidence is equivocal, a number of double-blind clinical trials have been carried out that suggest there actually is an effect: a component of the juice appears to competitively inhibit bacterial attachment to the bladder and urethra.

A sweet and tart tasting beverage that is made from whole cranberries, flavored with sugar and processed into either a red or white colored juice. Cranberry juice is served as a breakfast juice or a snack juice and is commonly used to make cocktails.

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